Design software for overhead contact line systems

Overhead contact line project planning


Due to the numerous requirements stipulated in national and international standards, building regulations and regulations of the railway infrastructure operators, and also due to the complexity of overhead contact line systems, designing overhead contact line systems is very challenging. As the planned systems are of utmost importance for the safety of the railway system as a whole, the design engineer has to know and apply the various rules and regulations correctly.

Just as the complexity of the projects is increasing, the clients’ demands regarding detailed design and short planning periods are increasing as well.


Currently, projects are mainly designed manually, using various CAD programs such as AutoCAD® or MicroStation®.

In order to make the more effective design of all kinds of overhead contact line systems possible, SIGNON developed the AutoCAD®add-on SIGNON OLAcad. SIGNON OLAcad uses predefined symbols and properties and provides semi-automated design processes, which makes it an efficient tool for project planning.